November 29, 2007

A tree

The house is in the slow process of becoming decorated for Christmas. The tree is up and trimmed, for the most part. It's in need of a topper though--probably a star. There's also a thick gold ribbon swirling around the tree candy cane style... I ran out before I got to the bottom so I'll have to find another roll.


My knitting pace has decreased severely... I might just have to purchase gifts this year. o_O Beau, the Olive colored sweater in Malabrigo has been on hiatus for a while now. He was originally supposed to be the sweater I would wear for Thanksgiving, but, when I realized it wasn't going to happen I said he would be the sweater for Christmas... that's looking a bit iffy right now as well. I need to pull him out of his useless hibernation and get those needles clicking.

Speaking of hibernation... my body is in store-the-fat-just-in-case-we-get-snowed-in mode. It's not pretty. I think I'll have to hit that treadmill pretty hard. x_X I am already 4 lbs over my self-imposed weight limit. Right at this moment in time I've weighed the most I've ever weighed in my whole life. ... yikes. I guess a bit of running at the gym will keep me warm. =)

Knit (and run) hard!



Your tree is beautiful!! I need to get my decorations up.

Oh, and I need to hit a gym too. My energy levels have severely decreased.

AllyB said...

A-W-E-S-O-M-E tree! Happy Holidays!

Nichole D. said...

Awww, I love your tree! I have yet to get mine up, and it will be far from how glorious yours is.

Courtney said...

Gorgeous tree!

I know what you mean about the winter weight.

I am progressing really slowly on my Malabrigo sweater project too. A sweater is such a commitment somehow. I want to knit a sweater but something always slows me down or halts me entirely.

James in Washington said...

wow. that tree is amazing.