November 7, 2007

2 Days of yarn in a row?!

I panicked a little this morning. I woke up relatively early ... technically 8:45am which is relatively early to my usual 12:00pm. Since I was up so early I decided I'd take a trip to McDonald's for their breakfast menu. I'm not a big fan of McDonald's except when it comes to the Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Mmm. As I was sitting there enjoying my sandwich I suddenly realized that I have a birthday party to go to on Sunday and I have no gift. I decided I'd knit the recipient a pair of mittens, so I drove over to the other LYS: The Gifted Purl and bought a bit of yarn and a pattern for mittens eye had been eyeing. She had knitted up a sample pair in angora and they were completely luxurious. I opted for a nice, pale shade of green (the recipient's favorite color) in an alpaca/silk blend and... I actually haven't started.

yarnnov 002

Isn't that some luscious yarn? ... Mittens are fast, right? I know I've been able to whip up a pair of Dashing in 3 days, so, mittens can't be THAT different. I mean, it's shorter on the arm and longer in the hand. Basically the same thing... right? ... RIGHT?! Well... hopefully I finish by Sunday.

yarnnov 008

This doesn't seem to be the true color of the yarn. It's a bit greener in real life. Hmm.

In other news, I solicited donations from Malabrigo. o_O ... ^_^ I told Tobias (from Malabrigo) all about Malabrigo Cast On Week and how beneficial it would be. He agreed to donate some yarn-ish prizes in the form of preview skeins of their new Silky Wool. I'd like to thank college (and Kevin) for my awesome solicitation letter writing skills. See, I actually learned something in college that I didn't know back in high school--it was NOT a waste of thousands of dollars and 6 years of my life! ^_^ I'd also like to thank Tobias for being so cool.

Here are a few current shots of my Exchequered scarf which is coming together oh-so-slowly.

yarnnov 028

Not much of a difference from last time, right? I keep telling people to knit hard, but, in reality I'm actually knitting pretty soft. I would like to say that I love double knitting. If I've been having a down day and need to feel better about myself I whip out Exchequered and watch myself knit a few rows all the while telling myself how cool I am that I'm knitting with two colors in two styles at the same time. ^_^ ... the things we need to get through a tough day.

yarnnov 013

That's all for today. I'm assuming tomorrow will be back to the "about me" entries because I need to go on a yarn diet.

Knit (and blog) hard!


Emma said...

Ooh, pretty yarn! Also love the checkered scarf. It's awesome.

Nichole D. said...

I tried some double knitting the other day, and I like it, too- although, it doesn't look right in non-stretchy cotton. I'm off to ravelry to add this scarf to my queue- I love the colors you're doing it in!


Exchequered is awesome, if it disappears...well...don't look at me!