November 5, 2007

I have new yarn!

I bought some new yarn today from the Fishbed. Some of it is actually going to the winners of a small contest I had in the Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry. I hope they like the colors I picked out for them.
Last night, after failing to knit more than 4 rows on my Beau sweater I switched projects and jumped on my Coach knock-off again. I finished it! It's already showing signs of non-elasticity. =( Pure alpaca is unbelievably soft but I think I'll have to switch to something with a bit of wool to help it keep its shape.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. By the time I got home the sun was setting, so, I'll try to shoot a few tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll finish another project tonight. ^_^

In other news, I hate change. Well... change as in coins. I hate carrying it in my pocket and having it weigh me down, I hate having it jingle as I walk, and... I just don't like it. Whenever I get home I empty out my pockets and dump my change into the plastic lid of one of those 100 blank CD stacks. You know what I'm talking about? I just turn it upside down and it makes a great bowl. Well... I had two of the lids overflowing with change so I decided it was time to trade.
A while back during my Freshmen year of college (it seems like all these entries flashback to my University years) I kept my change in this plastic cup they were giving away at a bookstore. At the end of the first semester it was about 3/4 full so I figured I'd get a few dollars for pizza and call it a night. I went to the bank, poured it into a Coinstar and out came a receipt for $78! It was a shock, and, I figured that I'd save my change in similar fashions for the rest of my life.
By now I'd imagine that I'm a pretty good at judging change-in-a-cup to dollar ratios and I estimated I'd have about $300 in change. Well, got to the bank and it was only $210. Still a good amount, but, I had high hopes for that extra $300. ^_^

Day 5! Only 25 more to go. =)
Blog hard!


Nichole D. said...

Wow- that's a lot of change! I usually roll mine every few weeks and put it in the savings account, and weed out quarters for laundry. I should resist a while and see what we come out with!


Can I have your change? lol I have a glass that all of my change goes into. My husband is the same way. See...I have a purse, so it's not as bad. And I use quarters regularly. I probably have like...$10 in change. :)

Sydney said...


As a Coinstar Rep I thought you might be interested in knowing that there’s more than $10 billion (yes, Billion) in loose change hiding in homes across the U.S., which is roughly a $90 stash among those households that accumulate.

That's great that you had over $200 worth of coins! Did you splurge on anything fun with it, or did you get new yarn? We would love to hear your Cash-In story! You can share your story with us here at Coinstar:

Also check out this YouTube Coinstar video of an Oregon man cashing in 7 years of saved coins-He got an HDTV with all of his coins! Click here to view it: