November 26, 2007

Some stuff...

For some reason I really don't want to blog today... but I must.
Let's see... I'm finally packing up my swap partner's package today. I'll be sending it out tomorrow morning. Hopefully it gets there in good time.
I also bought a stack of padded envelopes in order to mail out all the Silky Merino awards from Malabrigo Cast On Week. I didn't realize that sending out this yarn would be costing me quite a large sum of money... oops. One of the international winners offered to pay for her shipping. Isn't that a nice gesture? =)

novyarn 003

I didn't mention this in my last blog but that's my current notebook. I like to write things down... not necessarily useful things... but, I just like the actual process of writing. A lot of pages consist of me just writing out a page in a magazine or the ingredients in a bar of chocolate... or making random lists. I just like to write non-creatively. Having a cool ass notebook around (as well as awesome pens) makes this easier. I do have some useful information in there. Like when I was doing the Knitter's Tea Swap 4 I had a list of things that I had purchased and was considering purchasing for Suzie's package. I make a lot of knitting notes in there as well. And then when I'm hanging out with friends I have them write mini journal entries. =) It's a nice all-around stack of paper.

In the picture the notebook is open to my Christmas list. You can sort of make out a "7, 8, 9, 11"... those are the needle sizes of Lantern Moons I want. ^_^

I've been tagged for the 8 things again... except when I did it I listed 7. I've been wanting to do the 100 things meme so, I think I'll start that off today... in installments of 25. ^_^ I guess they'll make good fodder for the rest of NaBloPoMo.

1. I'm left handed with some things and right handed with others. For the most part my left hand writes, eats, and talks on the phone. I think my right hand does pretty much everything else.

2. I think I adapt easily. I'd actually attribute a portion of this adaptability to being left handed in a right handed dominant world. A south paw really needs to go against his initial desires to make things work properly.

3. I'm afraid of heights. x_X I push myself once in a while in hopes of conquering the fear... like looking over ledges or standing near windows in high rise buildings... it doesn't work.

4. I LOVE espresso drinks. Originally because of the ambiance of coffee places. Now they're a comfort drink and somewhat inspire me to be creative.

5. Despite my love for espresso I actually don't like coffee flavored anything. Candy, cookies, ice cream, etc.

6. I also love tea. This has also grown from a sense of ambiance and serenity.

7. In highschool I was a swimmer. I always swam backstroke and in freestyle relays I always swam anchor. I used to get offended that the coach always made me swim last. It wasn't until later that I found out I was put last because I was a strong swimmer.

8. I quit swimming after my 2nd year because I thought it was "too hard".

9. I'm a knitter. ^_^

10. In highschool I was the editor for the school's Literary Magazine. I loved writing and reading... that has since changed.

11. I don't keep in contact with any of the friends I had before college.

12. I'm an introvert. High energy crowds drain me--I need my alone time to recharge.

13. I don't mind doing things alone. You can always find me eating at restaurants, visiting museums, shopping, etc. all by myself.

14. While I don't mind being alone, I do love doing things with people I care for.

15. I'm very generous. This doesn't go along with my current income however. o_O

16. I have a tendency to block out negative feelings, sad things, and memories that make me uncomfortable... As a result I believe that I'm satisfied with my life and that I'm quite happy. Once in a while I'll read an older entry in a journal and realize that sometimes I'm far from content.

17. I'm really intelligent (I consistently score fairly high on IQ tests) but I don't make good use of this gift.

18. One of the main reasons is because I'm a HUGE procrastinator.

19. I love Coke.

20. I prefer Coke from fountains first, then cans, followed by 2 liters, and last the small plastic bottles. Sometimes fountain Coke sucks, but, when I have a good one it's REAL good. The smaller plastic bottles are the worst. I'm not sure where glass fits in because I haven't had many Cokes from glass bottles... but, I'm pretty sure they would rank higher than the small plastic bottles.

21. I love photography. I didn't always though. I had taken a class in highschool and thought it was alright. It wasn't until college that I realized not everyone can take decent photographs. So, I began to treasure this skill.

22. My phone is the Sidekick ii and it is easily one of the best phones I've owned. Its life is coming to an end soon and I'm not sure what phone I should get to replace it.

23. I can play the guitar. My parents taught me the basics and from then on I was self-taught.

24. I can play the piano... thanks to 4 years of lessons.

25. I can play the violin... I took a whopping 9 years of lessons and out of these 3 instruments, I suck most at violin.

I've written up to 72... and I think that's as far as I can go. o_O Hopefully I'll come up with more random tidbits to reach 100.

In other news, why can't I find the NutRageous candy bar in stores anymore? It was my favorite!

To the NaBloPoMo participants: blog hard the rest of the week!
And, as usual, to the knitters: knit hard!


Nichole D. said...

Ooooh, NutRageous! I love those, too...where did they go?

Elemmaciltur said...

wow, seems like we've got quite a fair bits in common!


After perusing through your last few blog posts...I am still in love with your photos. I love that bookmark pattern too! Although I'm fighting with it right now. Shh!

You're really doing well with the NaNoBloPoMo!! All of those things were really interesting, I have found that south paws are my type of people. Both of my parents, and three of my four serious boyfriends. lol Maybe I secretly want to be one.

Oh, and you'll be proud! I bought my first skein of Malabrigo...and it's already been knit up!

Eikon said...

I'm knitting a pink malabrigo balaclava for winter biking in Minneapolis :)