November 9, 2007

My stories

I've mentioned this before: most my knitting is done sitting in front of my laptop watching my stories. Once in a while, after a trip to Blockbuster, I'll pop in a good movie, but, for the most part I catch up on TV shows.
Here's my show list for this season (in no particular order):

  • weeds
  • top model
  • house
  • dexter
  • the office
  • avatar
  • bones
  • beauty and the geek
  • pushing daisies
  • ugly betty
  • grey's anatomy
  • prison break
  • heroes
  • chuck
  • extreme makeover home edition
  • 30 rock
  • how i met your mother

Those are a lot of hours in the day spent in front of my laptop. One thing I'm thankful for is that most networks now broadcast their shows on-line. ABC and NBC are on top of their game and have the newest episodes on-line the next day. Fox and the new CW, however, can take more than a week for some programs.

I love that, for the most part, I can knit without looking. Complex lace patterns are obviously out of the question, but, that's how I get most of my knitting done.
I feel like I should review all the shows, but, ... it's getting late... and I just remembered that Son of a Stitch & Bitch is out and I need my copy. Let's hope the bookstore is still open!

Blog hard!

Update: The bookstore was open but they didn't have the book out. I asked them when they'd get it... and they found out that they did receive it but it was in the back still wrapped up on one of those huge trays... and they wouldn't open it up and get it for me! I was pretty angry and sad at the same time because everyone else has been getting their book.
I almost drove out to McDonald's to eat my feelings, but, the fog of wrath cleared from my vision thanks to Fiona Apple's awesome cover of Sally's Song from Nightmare Before Christmas... and I was once again rational. ^_^ I'll just get it tomorrow at a different bookstore.


kim said...

I do the same thing, knit along with my "stories." Not on my laptop, but still. Oh, and lots of movies. We deserve a gold, no...platinum, membership at our local rental place.


Showtime rules. I love Dexter. Good episodes going on right now.