November 27, 2007

Another 25!

I really have nothing to blog about today. I'm so glad the month is almost over.. and thank goodness for memes. ^_^

Presenting: 26-50.

26. I can only read music. I don't have any talent in the direction of playing by ear or composing.

27. My favorite author is Oscar Wilde.

28. My favorite 'word' is iambic pentameter.

29. I used to be bone thin... and then college came along...

30. I like my bed made in a certain way and I like to be surrounded by pillows.

31. At most, it'll take me 10 minutes to fall asleep once I get in bed. This 'skill' developed right before I got into college.

32. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm a night person or a morning person. I definitely like to stay up late and sleep in... but at the same time I love the newness of morning. I think I'd prefer to stay awake all night and leave my house once the sun comes up.

33. I'm a Virgo. I generally don't believe in Horoscopes but I've run into a few birth charts that have been spot on.

34. Most people who know me think I'm extremely creative and very artsy-craftsy... I am.. but only to a certain extent... a fairly low certain extent.

35. I moisturize my hands and arms daily.

36. I wear my contacts for extended periods of time.... unhealthily long periods of time.

37. I never wanted a tattoo until I became a knitter. I would always say, "I could never decide on something to have on my body for the rest of my life." But now I can.

38. On average I type about 90 wpm.

39. I love singing, I can sing in tune, and I can even follow a harmony but, I do not have a singing voice what so ever.

40. I consider myself a Gamer. I love RPGs.

41. My preferred genre of movie is action. Especially when the main character is a woman who kicks ass.

42. I think that's why one of my all-time favorite TV series is Buffy.

43. I love the flavor onions bring to a dish... but I cannot stand to eat them.

44. It's the same with tomatoes. I enjoy pasta sauces, pizza, and ketchup... but if it's chunky pasta sauce or pizza with actual tomatoes on it... it's over.

45. I eat salsa weird. It brings together my two love/hate foods... so, I generally just dip my chip and pick up the 'juices' rather than scoop.

46. Me and cilantro are not friends. His flavor is just too explosive, distinct, and overpowering.

47. I prefer knitting with animal fibers... soft animal fibers.

48. I prefer knitting with straight needles.

49. I prefer knitting with wooden needles. A nice merino wool knit with wooden straights = bliss.

50. I'm obviously a process knitter.

Ta-da! Maybe something better tomorrow. =)


Nichole D. said...

Hey, a fellow nerd! Glad to see another RPG-ing knitter out there.

You know, if you ever have a recipe you'd like onion flavor in and it calls for a liquid, soak some onions (fresh or dried) in the liquid, then strain them out before you use it. Voila! Onion flavor without onions!