November 25, 2007

does crochet thread count as yarn?

Here are my fiber-related purchases from Black Friday:

novyarn 053

This is a ball of Royale Classic Crochet Thread. It's a cool variegated color. And, as you can see it's already being used for a bookmark. I think the hook I'm using is a little on the big side though, so, I'll have to go smaller.

novyarn 010

Another ball of the crochet thread, but this one is in burgundy. And it too is being used for a bookmark. That bookmark pattern is the only thing I like to crochet. =) This is a 1.25mm hook.. and I think it works the best for this project.

novyarn 019

This is a smaller ball. I think it's un-dyed. This too will be turned into a bookmark. (Can you guess what the majority of my Christmas presents will consist of?) ^_^
I could be all luxurious and crochet them all out of Malabrigo lace... but, my previous Malabrigo bookmarks turned out too flimsy. I demand stiffness in my bookmarks. Any attempts to spray starch the Malabrigo lace left me with a fuzzy, sticky, mess. ... I think this cotton thread will work much better.

novyarn 013

I grabbed these 2 skeins of Patons SWS. Haven't tried soy yet and this seemed like the best entrance into the world of alternate fibers. =) I have no idea what I'll make with these though... and ideas? It doesn't seem like I get much yardage, so, at the moment it looks like a scarf is out of the question... plus I have like 7 scarves OTN right now and adding another one would make me VERY unhappy. ^_^ Maybe a pair of wrist warmers? We shall see.

novyarn 044

This wasn't from Black Friday but I figured I should take a picture of it anyway. This was a birthday present from my friend Idyl (pronounced 'ideal'). I had been eyeing this calendar a few weeks back--good thing I didn't buy it. =)

Finally, another picture of Shifting Sands. The excessive white sections of the 2nd skein of yarn are starting to show. The yellow/gold hues are the same but now there are many lines of white... it's kind of an obvious change. o_O I'll keep going though. I have a bit of the 1st skein left over so maybe I'll add it in every so often to decrease the speckled look.

novyarn 024

Hope you enjoyed this dose of yarny goodness.
I think now is time for a power nap. =)

Knit hard!


Knit Picking said...

I'm glad you were able to pick up some SWS (same colour as mine), but too bad you could only get two. I used three balls to do a scarf, which will be posted as soon as I weave the loose ends in. I've also added some to my Christmas wish list.

kim said...

Shifting sands is coming along awesome, white lines (which I can't see :P) notwithstanding.

You make me wish I could crochet bookmarks!

Brown Berry said...

It totally counts. Fiber-love is very inclusive. The yarn photos over here are a welcome distraction, and the shots of you and your peeps were great too - nice to see the "other" side of a great knitter.

Elemmaciltur said...

So, what's the deal with the leather bound? I like it. :-)

BTW, I tagged you with 8 random facts. ;-)

Eikon said...

I started crocheting and the learned how to knit and haven't crocheted since. I'm going to try and tackle lace again after the holiday maybe I'll crochet.

Nichole D. said...

I love those bookmarks. Make me one for Christmas, too? ;) Scrutinizing the Shifting Sands, the color variations are really mild. The scarf I did in Little Lovely had more white and less dark on the end of the ball, but I surely don't care.

You should maybe take a small, unnoticeable strand of the SWS and wear it around your neck or wrist for a day- I love the scarf I did with mine, but it is so friggin' itchy I can't wear it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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