November 10, 2007

a quickie!

Prodigy student Danielle came over today for a hardcore knitting session. One of our friends' birthday is tomorrow (I think I mentioned this) and we both had major knitting to do. I had finished most of one mitten.. and Danielle tried it on and it was too big for her... the recipient is significantly smaller than Danielle so I had to frog and reknit.
Danielle decided to start a scarf with alternating colors. At one point Danielle realized that she could cut the original color from the scarf after she had attached the second. She picked up the scissors and snipped the yarn and was like, "Oh shoot. I cut it too short."
I looked at her and thought to myself, "that should be easy to fix."
Then she looked at her knitting again and realized that she actually snipped the new color yarn. o_O Good times.
More to blog about tomorrow.

Knit hard cause we are.


Eikon said...

I'll be knitting into the wee hours of the morning and writing lesson plans. Just finished the Danica scarf and I'm contemplating the Exchequer one.

Emma said...

Ah, knitting mishaps. So much fun.

Nichole D. said...

Hope you got everything done in time! I knit best under pressure (i.e., two days before a birthday party).