November 2, 2007

Send in the Clones

Day 2!

I use Flickr to host my photos. Almost 2 years ago I had this on-line printing place called Qoop create a book of my pictures through Flickr. It turned out really cool. My boss at the time gave me money to print her a book since she was such a fan. Two years later I finally printed her a copy. It arrived two days ago. o_O I actually printed her a book around the same time she gave me the money but my family was moving at the time so I didn't have the time to drive back to the University to deliver it. After the move the book was lost in one of hundreds of boxes. It wasn't until half a year later that I found the book buried inside a box. It was pretty beat up; pages bent, cover torn, etc. So, I figured I'd get her a new copy... and, yeah, so, last week was when I finally did it. It looks better than my original book. I may just have to make a new one for myself. Let me tell you about my photography.

During my ..... 2nd Senior year of College I picked up photography as a hobby. I had seen someone edit a photo in such a way that there were actually two of him in the same image. I figured it couldn't be too hard so I made an attempt. It worked, and, I began having my friends pose for me and I would duplicate them in the picture. I called it "Cloning."

This Cloning technique lead to other types of photography... but, today's post will focus on this first phase of my picture taking journey.


That's my friend Lora. This image was one of the first clones I did. I didn't have a tripod at the time so I'd have to find a solid surface to set the camera. This lead to some really interesting perspectives and angles.


A new mutation of Cloning became this multi-personality phase. I figured, if I can clone someone... I might as well clone them as two different aspects of themselves. That's Shane.

ballet steps

This was another interesting manifestation. My friend Idyl posed for this image.


One of the final phases of Cloning. This is Anne. I ended up really liking this image so I made a whole series of people lying on the ground in these odd patterns. This first one of Anne ended up remaining my favorite.

pink cubes

I would hardly call this Cloning, but, it has some of the same feel and principles. It's Lora again in what we called her Pink Photo shoot. She was actually my roommate during my half of a 3rd Senior year so we ended up doing many photo projects together. =)

So, that's a glimpse of a portion of my photography hobby. From Cloning I moved on to different types of portraits (which I'll cover in a later post) and then, after leaving College and my pool of models I re-aimed my passion towards still life... in the form of yarn and knitting. ^_^

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AllyB said...

Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing.

luv Abby said...

wow... what an awesome concept. Beautiful pix also...
luv Abby

Nichole D. said...

Absolutely stunning! I love them all, especially your favorite one. What a cool concept. Love seeing your work!

Charles said...

HEY dickie~~
Just wanna say your great photo grapher! Itis AWESOME pic and also loving the concept!

Looking at hot guy pic on your Flickr..A+++

earthchick said...

WOW. Those are really cool. I especially love the one of Ann.

Reading your story about your boss's QOOP book makes me feel a little better about the fact that you don't have your prize package from me yet. BUT I finished up the stitch markers last night and am hoping to put the package in the mail on Monday!


I think that is called overlaying. I love it though, it's one of my favorite camera tricks. Your photography is as beautiful as ever! Love it! :)

tiennie said...

These shots are so cool!