November 17, 2007

Progress Report

Just a few pictures to share!
The other night I cast on for an Irish Hiking Scarf in the pretty Indigo that I received from EarthChick. In true Malabrigo form, the skeins had significant color differences. My friend Kevin, who is not a knitter, but, hangs out with me a lot looked at the skeins and said, "They're different colors." And then he looked at the tag and added, "But they're from the same dye lot."
Funny how friends and family pick up on the lingo even when they have absolutely no desire to knit (I've tried to teach him twice!).
I'm working from both skeins at one time, alternating every two rows. It's creating subtle striping, but, I think overall it looks pretty cool.

castonweek 043

I also decided that I would knit this whole scarf Continental. I'm mainly an English knitter and started to develop my Continental style while knitting the Exchequered scarf, but, I figured I could fine tune it.
It's sort of frustrating. I really have to focus and force myself to not switch to English, but, I'm doing it. =)

Shifting Sands has been moving along quite nicely as well.

castonweek 031

It's strange but the scarf/pattern looks 100% better in photos. I'm almost finished with my first skein... It doesn't feel like it's a good length for half a scarf. o_O I'm hoping that I had used a bit of this first skein for something else and that my 2nd skein will have more yarn. I can't really think of what else I would have used it for... but... umm, let's hope for the best. ^_^

castonweek 036

You can see the gaping hole that used to hold the yarn. It's magic! The yarn just turns into this really weird scarf. =)
There's also a jar of honey in the background from my Knitter's Tea Swap partner Suzie. It's delicious and wanted to be in the photoshoot 'cause he matched the colors of the scarf.

I've extended the Malabrigo Cast On Week cut off for Sunday afternoon/evening. So, hopefully people upload a few more projects. I actually have one more project I want to add, but, we'll see if I get around to it.
Now that I have like... 10 WIPs it's time to go into knitting hibernation and try to finish at least one.

Knit hard!

ETA: I totally just tripped myself out. hahahaha. For a fun time look at the middle picture and scroll up and down and up and down. It looks like it's moving or zooming in and out. TRIPPY! o_O


Charles said...

Scarf coming long GREAT! DICKIE~~~

Can't wait see finsh rest of project!


Charles(Visit my blog too!I just post the new one)

Nichole D. said...

I noticed that too, with that picture! I thought it was because it is still early here.


AGH! I am not talking to you and your Malabrigo addicted self. lol Kidding. I am so jealous. :)

That was HYSTERICAL! I was like "zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out" oh man....

Knit Picking said...

I totally love the shifting sands scarf. The colour is kinda sandyish too ;)
It'a about time I kint one of the Irish Hiking scarf too. I think you dealt with the lot issue beautifully. It's gonna look lovely. Can't wait to see it finished (no pressure, you sound like you got lots on your needles).

Camping Jason said...

Yeah, that center photo is trippy! All your Malabrigo projects look awesome, I wish I could afford such nice yarn.

john said...

That shifting sands doohickie fucking rules. Gorgeous photo.