November 14, 2007

Malabrigo Cast On Week

I have a few projects to share with you. They are all Malabrigo Worsted and they all were Cast On this week for Malabrigo Cast On Week. =) I plan to start maybe 2 or 3 more projects. x_X

The first is a 2nd Scrunchable Scarf in Whale's Road:

yarnnov 089

I started this on Sunday evening. I know for sure that the Scrunchable Scarf is a great pattern because I've knitted it before... but, I dunno about how well it's working with this yarn. I loved the color in hank form, and it was equally stunning wound up in a cake... but... now I don't know... I think I'll keep working it to see how it turns out.

yarnnov 039

I think the first image shows truer colors.
I slipped on the stitch markers I received from EarthChick for picture purposes. This scarf really doesn't need any stitch markers and requires very little memorization.

My next project I started last night. It's Shifting Sands in Amber Gold.

castonweek 003

I'm currently loving it. Ever since I saw brooklyntweed's version I've been considering knitting it up. The amount of cables were always daunting though... and I had previously tried the cables-without-a-cable-needle technique but it would not work out for me.
The Amber Gold had been ... reincarnating itself every so often because I love the color... sadly, nothing ever really fit the bill... I figured the color was similar to sand (and similar to brooklyntweed's) so I should go for it during this Malabrigo Cast On Week.

castonweek 010

This time I was able to learn with assistance from Grumperina's instructions as well as the videos at It made all the difference and now this scarf is a breeze. I've already memorized the pattern and I'm really enjoying knitting it.
It looks like it would make an awesome place mat.

I messed up on the first two repeats. The 2nd row of cables I was actually knitting two in front when I should only have been knitting one. It's okay though... it's a design feature. ^_^

My third project I started just about an hour ago. It's the Diagonal Knot Stitch Scarf from SavingNine in Azul Bolita.

castonweek 028

This blue is SO radioactive. It like... glows. The scarf is a bit thin for my tastes so I think this will end up as a gift. I actually already have the perfect recipient in mind. ^_^
The pattern is pretty simple, although the purl three is quite difficult for me. It might be because I'm using super blunt wood needles. I think I'll have to switch to sharper aluminum because it's quite the struggle. Overall, though, I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out.

Those are my projects so far. I feel an Irish Hiking Scarf in the works as well as a pair of mittens... I NEED Malabrigo Cast On Week to be a success. We're only ~40 projects away from being the 8th most popular yarn on Ravelry!

Knit hard!


tiennie said...

Gorgeous projects. I've always liked the shifting sands scarf but also think that the number of cables is daunting. Yours look well worth it though!

Charles said...

Malabrigo = LOVE

shifting sands scarf coming along great!

Nichole D. said...

I love the color for Shifting Sands- it's perfect! I think a lot of people have a hard time with the P3tog-I think I just knit a bit looser than most, because I thought it was a breeze! I'm loving MCOW- I just wish the only yarn store that carried it wasn't over 2 hours away!

Patricia said...

Love the shifting sands scarf. I've been ogling it for a few months now. I thinks it cries out to be knit in that shade of yellow. Are those ebony needles?
Found you through the Ravelry NaBloPoMo forum.