November 8, 2007

Fall forward?

I've been trying to add Haloscan to my blog, but, I've been getting weird results. One method really seemed to work fine except it wouldn't show any of my blogger comments... and that's kinda sad. So, I'll be fiddling around with it a bit more in the future.

How about another photography post?
Last time we left off with "Cloning"... cloning lead to some other interesting editing journeys. Here's one of my favorites:

lora through my laptop

This was actually a test. I had seen someone do something similar so I wanted to see if I could do it, so, on a random day I asked Lora to lie down on the floor with my laptop and that's what I came up with. ^_^ It's basically a lot of layers and "cloning" of things.

From there I started focusing more on portraits with a little something extra. Here are two similar pictures.

kevin shower


Both of these were actually taken in the shower. Kevin wanted to have a photoshoot in the shower with water running so I agreed and we tested some things out. I had hung this sheer black fabric on the shower wall, brought in a lamp and started shooting. I used the flash and it managed to freeze the water droplets coming from the shower head. This actually wasn't at all what I was going for, but, I think it turned out better than anything I could have thought of. My friend Minnie ended up really liking Kevin's pictures and asked for a similar shoot. The major difference in her images is that I hung up orange fabric behind the sheer black.


Heather regularly posed for my camera (whole other story on the camera!). She was always up for a shoot and seemed to enjoy it. I believe this outfit is from India, it was specially ordered for her by the mother of one of her friends... I think. This image was taken in the corner of my living room. I pinned fabric to the walls and took pictures. It looks like there's so much more going on, but, that's all it was. ^_^

Now I shall bombard you with pictures!


This is Thea. Same corner, different fabrics hanging in the background. ^_^


Same corner, different fabrics, and added a couch. This is Precious.


Same corner, no fabric. And Benny. =)


Same corner... just kidding. ^_^ Now I'm on location. This is Maria and her boyfriend laying in the grass.

lonely log

In the forest with Michelle!


This is Paul. He had actually done some modeling with other photographers in the past.

So, there's a deeper view into my pre-yarn obsession photography. This every day blogging is a lot easier than I thought it would be. Speaking of yarn, my mittens are working out pretty well. I definitely think I can finish by Sunday.

In somewhat related news, the main clock in my bedroom hasn't... "fallen back" yet. It totally trips me out. It's awesome. hahahaha A minute ago I was thinking to myself, "I'll blog for a quick 20 minutes and I'll have time to make it to the restaurant before it closes."
So, I blog away, finish the main portion, check the time and I was all, "I just spent an hour and a half blogging! Now I won't be able to eat! Time flies when I'm on-line..." ... and then after I had run to the fridge to see if I had any edible leftovers, I realize that the clocks in the kitchen say that I still have a good hour. Oh, daylight savings. How fun you are. =)



That first picture is definitely exciting!! I love portraits, and modeling (in case you hadn't noticed my Flickr stream yet lol). These are really fantastic! I definitely love your use of fabric as a backdrop.

Oh, and I have that same problem, one clock on my wall hasn't been set back yet, so I always think I am late for things.

Nichole D. said...

I love looking at your photos- you are so talented! Fantastic work.

If you need a hand with the haloscan thing, I can probably be of assistance, if you feel like you need it. I got it to work on my blog and still show the old comments.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

you have beautiful friends - and your talents obviously exceed those just with fiber... I love seeing your photos on your blog; it is inspiring!

Brown Berry said...

Wicked collection.
Thanks for sharing.