November 28, 2007


I started on my pair of double knitted mittens. It's my own design so I'm assuming there will be much trial and error. I'm only about half way up the cuff and already I think I might have to frog... the cuff seems a bit too wide.

novyarn 073

The outside is Cascade 220 Tweed and the inside is Malabrigo worsted in Glazed Carrot. Yum. I tend to knit tighter on DPNs and ... I'm definitely knitting tighter here.. so tight that my fingers are sore. I feel like I've been knitting forever (I knit through The Waitress, an episode of: The Simpsons, Family Guy, and King of the Hill) and I only have these ~2 inches. o_O Double knitting is insane!

novyarn 067

I'm planning a bit of colorwork once I get up to the main body of the mitten... I don't really know what I'd do though. My first idea was to have it look like the thrummed mittens... because those were my original inspiration for these mittens... but, I think I'd like something cooler. I plan to keep most of the outside in tweed and have the orange just be a pop of an accent color. I was thinking either diamonds or crosses with the middles left out. I guess I'll decide when I get to that part.

novyarn 096

It's almost December... I really need to put more work towards my Christmas Gifts. o_O... yikes.

I see a lot of sleepless nights in the near future if I don't knit hard.



That is gorgeous! Yummy yummy!

Nichole D. said...

Awesome idea! I bet they'll be great, plus warm and soft and cozy...

I'm way behind on Christmas knitting, too.

kim said...

What a smart idea, with the double knitting the cuff with such a soft yarn! Clever! I'm filing this away for future use.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

I have never tried double knitting... but this is def. inspiring... can't wait to see some colorwork action! :)

LizKnits said...

the colors look great so far!

Courtney said...

I have been eying that Glazed Carrot at my LYS, I think I might need to make something in this colorway?

I really respect your pioneering attitude towards knitting..I'm definitely a process knitter too :)

sko_G knits said...

i am a huge fan of orange and grey combinations. sounds like these mittens are going to be super warm and comfy.