October 25, 2007

If you wanna be my sweater, you gotta get with my gauge

I received the 2nd part of the Knitter's Tea Swap package today from Suzie. I was actually stalking the mail carrier through my bedroom window. It looks out directly towards the mailbox so I just sat on the computer all day watching and waiting to see if the driver had a package. And she did! The moment I saw it I rushed downstairs to meet her. I ripped open the box and ran to the nearest window to take pictures.

Here's what it contained:

yarnoct 202

At first I started to carefully unwrap everything... but, my patience didn't last and I end up tearing off the wrapping paper:

yarnoct 213

Starting in the back left, there's a pack of chocolate covered honey cakes from Kika's Treats, a cup from Wishbone, a card, a jar of honey from Marshall's Farm, a jar of nectarine conserves from Frog Hollow Farm, a bar of lavender aromatherapy soap from Beeswork, 2 chocolate bars from Charles Chocolates, a bag of sea salt from the Philippines, and a rocky road chocolate from Droga. All of them (minus the salt) were the local items for the swap. She totally spoiled me. ^_^

This was one of the coolest things from the package:

yarnoct 214

At first glance it looks like a plastic cup... The cheap ones you buy for parties... but, it's actually ceramic! So cool! =)

yarnoct 231

I think these will be the first things I try. Mmmmmmmm.

Thank you Suzie!

In other news, my Grass has been coming along quite... interestingly. I knitted up 3 so far, in Malabrigo. I got a bit impatient so I decided to felt the 3 the same night I finished them. My washer is a front loader so I decided to hand felt them. Didn't take too long and my arms definitely got a good workout.

yarnoct 252

The worst part was putting the first Grass together. I ended up buying some embroidery floss in multiple greens and black for the eyes. I started seaming one side of the bright green Grass together when I checked the instructions and learned I was supposed to do the eyes first. I have no embroidery experience whatsoever... it was very experimental. But, I was able to make fairly circle-ish eyes... and then proceeded to messily mattress stitch the edges and stuff with poly-fil.
I thought I had the eyes perfect, but, after stuffing the position of the eyes distorted a bit and now the Grass looks a little odd... but, I learn from my mistakes and I was able to do really nice eyes and mattress stitch a much cleaner edge for the 2nd grass.

yarnoct 257

I forgot to take pictures of this with my previous post. I started this a week or so ago... it's a 2nd Anthropologie-inspired Shrug/Capelet. I'm using Rowan Little Big Wool...and... it seems like I didn't purchase enough. So, it's kinda been sitting half-underneath my bed begging for a frog. But, we'll see. Maybe if I can get my hands on more of the Little Big Wool then I will continue.

Last night, after spending the previous night knitting gauge swatches and calculating sizes, I finally Cast On for Beau from Rowan's Vintage Style book.

yarnoct 236

I had bought a sweater's worth of Malabrigo in September and I figured that this would be an awesome use for it. Sadly, I couldn't get gauge with my mmmMalabrigo,... and I didn't want to go higher than a US 9 for fear of getting lacey-like holes. So, I calculated that if I Cast On the amount for the XXL, I'll actually end up with a size between a Small and a Medium. I guess we'll have to wait and see how accurate my calculations and gauge measuring skills are.

I almost bought a pair of Lantern Moon needles today for my sweater... but I ran out of time and ended up getting a long pair of bamboo Clovers... I feel a bit unfulfilled because I love Lantern Moon and nothing compares, but, I'll live. =)

Whip out your tape measures and knit hard!


Nichole D. said...

Ah, gauge. Such a fickle thing.

You got an awesome package! The honey cakes look delicious, and the cup is so cool!

You take the most beautiful pictures- it's always a treat to come to your blog and see them. Keep up the awesomeness!

KnitFox said...

I do love the images on your blog, you have an eye for the camera lens. I hope to see more of the finished Grass soon, and now that I know where the pattern is, I'd love to try some myself! Once I get some spare green yarn, that is.

Joan [yarnygirl.com] said...

I have always lusted after Beau! But I think I'd only knit one myself if the guy magically showed up afterwards. Any sweater in Malabrigo should be mmsosoft and Beau is a classic design so I'm jealous! I think that's a great sweater project.

You were so spoiled by that swap, luckiness.

The grass is very cool, too, and nice job hand felting it.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

I love that ceramic "plastic" cup - can you email me info on where it came from? (Or maybe just send me a link to your pal's blog and I can ask her?) - I love it and MUST have one!!!

congrats on the good goodies... way to be spoiled!

Eikon said...

I need to do an exchange knitters are always good gift givers and receivers.

Charles said...

Look at loot the all the gift you been got!!!

Iam guessing your are doing the Rowan vintage sweater...For Rowan pattern,people and other knitter from store told me that has lot of mistaken there pattern books..I been trying cast top for my mom...IT didnt work for me didnt make sence....I have fix mine own!

Anyway..Good luck on your sweater and "grass" is REALLY COOL men~~~~

Knit Picking said...

I just love the grass! I'm putting it on my spring knitting list... that'll cheer people!

Shhhh said...

Hi Richard,

Your grass looks so cute! I'm your Ravelry Tea Swap pal, I wanted to let you know there is an email from me sitting probably in your spam box with some questions. I can't wait to start getting your package together.

From your Ravelry Secret Tea Swap Pal