October 3, 2007


Just a few WIP's to share:

yarnoct 005

That's Branching Out. It's still waiting to be blocked. I had planned to do it tonight, but, I'm feeling a bit lethargic, so, I'll save it for tomorrow. The whole time I was knitting it I had been stretching it out to see that the leaves were fully forming and that I wasn't making mistakes. Without being blocked, it looks pretty decent. I can't wait to see the finished-finished piece though.

yarnoct 019

Another glimpse of my Coach knock-off. The colors have been growing on me. They remind me of this one ice cream I had. Like... 5 chocolate ice cream or something. It's surprisingly quite long and I'll only need a few more sections in order to complete it. I'm not looking forward to weaving in the ends though. There are a lot of them.

yarnoct 052

This is my Hemlock Ring Blanket. I'm on row 70 and it's pretty big. The pattern is easy to follow for the most part, but, the endless rounds of plain stockinette are killing me. I haven't switched to brooklyntweed's chart yet. I understand how it works, but, this line-by-line thing is more comfortable for me. And once you do one repeat in the feather/fan section it's pretty easy to memorize.

I feel like I'm just not knitting fast enough. I've hired two friends "r" & "b" to help me out.

yarnoct 057

r & b are two felt monkeys made by my friend (and knitting student prodigy) Danielle. She hand crafted them for my birthday. ^_^

yarnoct 065

As you can see, they are quite busy. I have many more rows and endless rounds of stockinette to complete.

I'll leave you with one last image:

yarnoct 035

That is the current prototype of my DS Lite case pattern. I'm not too fond of the flap so I may have to rethink it. And, originally I planned to use snaps with a non-functional button on top... but, I feel like the constant snapping may damage the DS. I ended up using EZ's after thought buttonhole. She actually asks you to snip a thread in your knitting and unravel it from the middle. It was a mess. Me + knitted items + scissors = disaster. o_O Hopefully I'll come up with a decent flap soon so I can share my pattern with everyone.

I'll need to hire more monkeys to help me with my Christmas knitting.
Knit hard!


Anonymous said...

dead baby monkey

dickie said...

Danielle! they're YOUR baby monkeys. you gave them life. you practically birthed them.

Nichole D. said...

I need some monkey help for gift knitting as well. If you have extras, send them over, please!

Paul said...

Your knitting is absolutely gorgeous! And those are the cutest monkeys!


OMG! I love the little monkeys! They are too cute. The blanket looks fab, and I think you are knitting plenty fast. While you are weaving in all of those ends, think of how awesome you will look with your scarf.

dmarks said...

I just tried next blog 20 or so times. All I found were Japanese blogs, spam blogs, and porn blogs. Yours is the first normal one I've found; so it is good to see. Even if I have no interest in knitting!

earthchick said...

Such gorgeous stuff you're making! And I love the monkeys. Did she get the pattern from that book called "Cute" or something like that? I saw it recently - a little Japanese-type felt craft book of small "mascots." I think I saw those monkeys in there. Now I want that book!

Can't wait to see your Hemlock when it's done!

nastassja mills said...

Impressive stitching (and your friend's monkeys are damn cute too!)

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diane said...

branching out looks great in the au naturale...cute looking monkeys

Joan [yarnygirl.com] said...

i love the way your branching out looks unblocked. nice shot of it. and i, too, am a huge supporter of lys. i visit them wherever/whenever. this is the first time i visited your blog & im really glad i did!

Courtney said...

I love your photos and your project choices! Great to see some men on Ravelry!
Knit On!

Knit Picking said...

Absolutely love the monkeys! She should sell them on Etsy.

Nice choice of colour, and stitches on you knock-off scarf. Although I love knitting, I'll have unfinished projects sitting there with just the weaving left to do. I hate the finishing.

Michael said...

Ooh, I love the Hemlock Ring. Yours is going to be awesome!

Maya Papaya said...

Love the felt monkey pictures! So cute. You're a better knitter than I'll ever be.

Lani said...

Adore your monkey helpers! How was Hemlock Ring to knit? I'm thinking of doing it in mmmmmMalabrigo (yes, I'm in your Malabrigo Junkies group) but the sheer size of the project is a bit skeery.