October 20, 2007

I have a lot of green yarn

I received my Knitter's Tea Swap package yesterday! My partner Suzie got her box at the same time. Swaps are so much fun. ^_^ I'll definitely have to find more to join. Here's what I got:

yarnoct 165

On the left is a card, there are two cans of loose tea, one green and one white, a pack of tea bags, a box of almond biscotti, two skeins of Noro Kochoran, a bag of Haribo Gold Bears (my absolute favorite gummy bear!), and a bar of Rutger's Chocolate with hazelnuts. There's actually more to come!

I've never tried Kochoran so I'm excited to see it knitted up. It's a blend of Wool, Silk, and Angora--SO soft! I had to keep fighting the urge to eat the chocolate and the bears before the photoshoot. The teas weren't so lucky. I had to bust them open and take a whiff mere seconds after I opened the package.

I've been suffering from a bout of Startitis. After finishing so many objects over the past few weeks I realized that I needed more fun on the needles. Here's what I've been working on:

yarnoct 191

Exchequered is from Knitty. It's a double knit scarf and it's really awesome to work. I think I blogged about this earlier. But, basically you're knitting two pieces of fabric at the same time, back to back, with some color work going on--each side is a negative of the other. I've been knitting the scarf with one color in my right hand (English style) and the other color in my left hand (Continental style). I feel so capital K.

I've been using Cascade 220 for it. I only purchased one skein in each color... I hope I have enough to make a decent length.

yarnoct 138

This is Danica from Knitty. Yet another scarf. ^_^ It's an Entrelac pattern in Malabrigo. I'm surprised at how cool the resulting fabric looks but how "easy" it is to make it. Easy, however, doesn't include the insane amount of ends I'll have to be weaving in. o_O

I think blocking will definitely help the scarf look its best... hopefully it'll help out the wrong side as well. The back just looks like a mess. =( I'm considering possibly knitting another one and then seaming them together... but, it's been growing a bit slowly, so, ... I think I'll have to rely on a good block.

yarnoct 153

These are leftover green-ish yarns that I'll be using for Grass from Mochimochi Land. These will be the first... "useless" items I'll be making, but, they're so cute ... and I have a lot of left over green, feltable yarn.

There are 4 balls of Malabrigo Worsted, some RYC Cashsoft, Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Tweed, this Licorice yarn from Joann's (I'm not sure if this is feltable), and Catalina Alpaca. It'll be a whole family of grass.

That's how it's looking so far.
Knit hard(er)!


Lani said...

What a great package, and I saw yours to your partner ... WOW, you outdid yourself. Especially with that packaging; I truly believe that great packaging takes a swap experience from merely nice to truly memorable, and yours definitely qualifies.

earthchick said...

Lots of yummy all over the place, but I especially love those scarves! So great looking, both of them.

Charles said...

WOW Dickie~~~
Great package from your pal!
Tea, yarns and sweets! Awesome!

Scarf coming along great! I love the color your using!

The Knittymommy said...

I really do enjoy your eye for color. Here's to seeing all those beautiful finished pieces soon.


Wow! What an amazing display of green yarn! If you are not sure the yarn is feltable, you could always knit a tiny swatch and toss it in the wash. Or even try to handfelt it.

You scarf reminds me of a pair of socks (that are hibernating) that I was knitting earlier this year.

Danica looks wonderful. Blocking REALLY helps.

Nichole D. said...

I love Rishi Tea! I have those exact two in my tea stash. What an awesome package!

Danica is on my list to knit as well, but having the same dilemma- what to do about the messy back. My thought was to knit a stockinette back for it using one of the colors, and seam it on afterwards. Who knows...

Elemmaciltur said...

Hmmmm....I have Exchequered printed out a long time ago but never got around to knitting it. I think I might have to cast it on soon.

Eikon said...

But I do like that Danica scarf and I happen to have some excess pink malabrigo

lemonade said...

love your blog..there is truly some awesome work here! recently discovered the joy of knitting and have been hooked on ever since. saw an entrelac shawl called the lady Eleanore and what i felt was nothing short of love! what i wanted to ask you is..is the entrelac really that easy? i tried to do it..but all i end up with is something that's close to nothing. also is there any way i can find the lady E pattern online..i live in india where the book isn't available and amazon is just too busy to send it across fast
! if you could help me out..i'd be really grateful! :)

i make blog templates for fun (http://lemonadedesigns.blogspot.com) so if there is anything i could do for you..i'd be happy to! :)