October 10, 2007

If only yarn grew on trees

Kevin came over today and helped me out with a yarny photo shoot. He acted as the Art Director. We ended up shooting outside and came up with this 'yarn-grows-on-trees' deal. More on this later.

I finished my Hemlock Ring Blanket last night. The BO edging was pretty complicated at first and moved slowly. I ended up only adding one more pattern repeat than brooklyntweed's version. I might have been able to finish one more, but, I wasn't gonna push it. I ended up with a diameter of a good 54 inches. Blocking this project made me realize that 1) I need a pin cushion and 2) I need to work on my blocking skills 3) Regular measuring is a good thing.


I'll probably end up taking another set of pictures of the blanket because the grass really made the blanket all lumpy. It's really quite a work of art when the Hemlock Ring is at its flattest.
I tried throwing it on the couches throughout the house... sadly it didn't really go with any of the decor. It works well in the color scheme of my bedroom, so, there it will stay.

yarnoct 074

Blocked the Branching Out scarf the other day. Maybe I mentioned this? I brought it along so it could have its time in front of the lens. I think I may actually have to re-block this. I didn't stretch it out wide enough. The leaves that are connected to the center column are somewhat smooshed against it. I'd like them to separate more.


The texture of the scarf completely changed after I blocked it. It felt like thin, fragile paper. A really cool transformation. I hope the recipient enjoys the scarf as much as I enjoyed creating it.


I e-mailed briarrosefibers.net last week asking about their Buff Beauty yarn. I had used it previously and did not do the yarn justice so I wanted to get my hands on more. The yarn was never restocked on their website so I asked about it and luckily they had a handful of hanks they were about to sell at a fair. I managed to save two of them:

yarnoct 088

yarnoct 082

Delicious stuff. This batch doesn't seem as plump as the last hank I had, but, it's still super thick and in beautiful colors.
You may have noticed a few more balls of yarn hanging in the tree.

yarnoct 098 yarnoct 110

The turquoise is Cascade 220. It's a replacement for the darker blue I plan to use on my Exchequered scarf.
The grey yarn is Catalina Super Chunky. A soft alpaca (that hopefully doesn't shed) which will soon be transformed into a scarf for a friend.
Ahh, I love that I technically only have 1 real WIP now. Can't wait to start more.

Let's grow some yarn
and knit hard. =)


Nichole D. said...

Oh, if only yarn did grow on trees. I'd start an orchard.

Love the hemlock blanket- I'm tempted to do one, myself!

Joan [yarnygirl.com] said...

you and kevin did an excellent job on the photoshoot. i love the picture of branching out and how it looks like it's flying but mostly i love your hemlock ring blanket and want to steal it. and now you have me picturing a pretty fall cascade 220 tree with skeins of red, orange & yellow falling to the ground.

john said...

i LOVE those scarf photos. byootiful.

Dave said...

Gorgeous photos, as usual. :-) That Buff Beauty is wondrous stuff.

earthchick said...

Yummy stuff, all of it. Love your FOs.

If you'll email me at staceyduke [at] gmail [dot] com, we can communicate about your prizes. I'll need to get your snailmail addy for to preorder the book as well as to send the goods - plus if you have any color or other preferences regarding stitch markers, let me know that too. And congrats!

Kim said...

I love the round blanket it's beautiful! The yarn grows on trees idea was awesome.


mmmmm I love your pictures. :) I think I come here just for the pictures. lol The Hemlock Ring Blanket is outstanding, just incredible. The pics of Branching Out are my fav. :D