September 7, 2007

still on the seamless hybrid

That Elizabeth Zimmermann. I really dig her writing voice and how her 'patterns' are witty explanations. Reading the pattern is like reading a good story. The only downside to her style is that she'll often refer to a previous passage in the book so there's a lot of flipping back and forth to be done--bookmarks come in handy.


I'm really digging the idea of a seamless sweater... I HATE sewing seams.
So, that's the body on the top and one sleeve on the bottom. I'm moving along surprisingly fast. I'm having a slight dilemma though. I CO for the body a bit too tightly... and then I was having the hardest time comprehending EZ's directions for adding a hem so I went ahead and did a 2x2 rib in order to stop curl-age. Now that I'm done with the body I hate the rib and my CO edge just doesn't stretch enough.

I feel like cutting will be involved. o_O I've never undone the bottom of my work, so, it's looking a bit scary.


I'm imagining that I'll have to insert a life line or a needle in a row above the ribbing... and then take my scissors to the CO edge and hope for good unraveling... does that sound about right?
I re-read her section on hems and now it makes much more sense.
I hope to finish the first sleeve tonight... and then maybe make an attempt at fixing the body tomorrow. Everything is moving pretty fast. =) I thought it would take me months to finish a sweater.

I have a few snapshots of my Anthropologie-inspired Capelet and circular shrug. I had my friends Lora and Anne try them on the other day. Sorry about the crappy quality... it was night time and I had to use the dreaded, unflattering flash. ^_^


Ahh, circular shrug. I guess the "hypothetical" size I made was a nice choice because it fit Lora nicely as well as a handful of my other friends and cousins. I think I'll have to knit another one as a Christmas gift... and allow it to suck out more life from me.


This capelet ended up pretty crappily. Mainly regarding the YOs. I missed a few and ... misplaced a few. o_O It fits though, and it looks halfway decent. I originally aimed to give it to Lora, but, it's such crap that I'd rather knit her a new one. For now Anne is modeling it. =)

That's all for now. Wish me luck on my CO edge cutting adventure.
Knit hard!



We'll forgive you for using the flash. I do it all of the time, because I always forget to take pictures in the day time.

Your sweater looks awesome! Can't help you with the CO and edge problems. But what you are saying makes sense to me. I wish tons of luck with that! The circular shurg is cute, I am so glad I queued it.

sko_G knits said...

wow, great job on your anthropologie inspired knits!! the look great in the photos and seem to fit the models well.

there was a vest that i started and almost completed earlier this year...the neck opening was too small and it's been sitting in the closet because i just didn't want to deal with cutting to unravel and reknit. i am anxious to see how it goes for you...good luck!!

Charles said...

IT will be awesome sweater!

Shurg looks great! It fits so nicely!