September 25, 2007

This butter is really yellow

I seem to be on some sort of blogging binge. I just can't stop updating! =) Hopefully this trend continues.

As promised, I have some pictures to share. First, here's my fairly large Malabrigo purchase from Loopy.

yarnsept07 159

Like little bundles of love. On the subject of love, I LOVE the color. It's called Olive. Very fitting.
Oh, Malabrigo. I e-mailed them the other day. I started this group on Ravelry called Malabrigo Junkies. We were discussing our favorite colors (Charrua!) and someone mentioned Little Lovely. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Lovely but she seemed to be quite coveted. The possibility of her being retired came up--a member may have read it somewhere I think, so, to finalize the matter I e-mailed the people up in Malabrigo land and asked them about their color cycle and retirees. (I also oh-so-shamelessly promoted Malabrigo Junkies). I got a reply in two days from Tobias who said that they've only retired a few colors and that Little Lovely (as well as Charrua) were still on the color card. He also mentioned that he'd be happy to link our group to the website. Mmm.
Just for that we'll celebrate with another picture of this delicious yarn:

yarnsept07 165

I'm really churning out those bookmarks. They're really quick and easy. They'll probably serve as backup Christmas gifts.
The pattern calls for a 1.25mm crochet hook, but, unfortunately the store I bought the Malabrigo lace from had a 2.5 as their smallest. I purchased it anyway. On my way home I stopped at a Hobby Lobby and picked up a 2.0mm and a 1.5mm. 1.25 Just seemed to small for Malabrigo's thick&thin-ness. It turned out that the 1.5 was too small, I couldn't even hook the yarn. The 2.0 worked but the resulting bookmark ended up tight and lost a lot of stitch definition after I ironed it. I tried the 2.5mm and it worked perfectly.


Yay, tassels.
Crochet is surprisingly easy (and fast!) once you get a good feel for how to angle the hook. My tension is still a bit all over the place, but, I think it's becoming steadier as I continue to pop out these bookmarks. I love that there's only one live stitch, it's easy to drop it and pick it back up again. In knitting, when my needle falls out, I stop breathing and move as slowly as possible as not to disturb the now live stitches who's seemingly only desire is to drop. And then painstakingly re-inserting my needle, making sure each stitch is facing the correct direction. Tedious!
While, I AM growing a certain fondness towards the hook, I will always prefer the knitted fabric to the crocheted.


My sweater finally dried. My room is no longer filled with the odd scent of wet wool. The sweater though smells sweet and natural. I actually don't smell the Soak on it at all--I may not have used enough. The directions say one cap-full for every gallon... I soaked my sweater in my bathtub... how many gallons is that? I naively guessed 2 gallons because I ended up only using 2 cap fulls. ^_^ Oops?
Mr. Seamless Hybrid wasn't dry before my photoshoot, so, I'll have to take pictures of him another day.

I'll leave you with Branching Out. This scarf has been waiting patiently underneath my desk for me to finish the sweater. He's finally getting some pattern repeats knitted and is looking good, albeit a bit oatmeal-y.


I'm giving tassels a chance.
Knit hard!


ekgheiy said...

Oh my, what wonderful yarn pr0n you have!! :) Not only is the knitting captivating, but so are the actual photographs. ;) Nice work on BOTH!

Happy Knitting!


Squee! All of that Malabrigo makes me want to go dive in my stash. :)

Those bookmarks are just awesome! Seriously, some day I will learn to crochet. Maybe. Probably. We'll see.

Nichole D. said...

Love your bookmarks! I'm excited to see you're sweater, as well. Even more excited to see all that beautiful MMMMMalabrigo knit!

Eikon said...

I LOVE Malabrigo. I am just finishing a sweater in and bought 6 hanks of the angora to make hats for people I really love dearly including two olive.

Nikki said...

Oh, I think I saw this bookmark over on Ravelry. It would also make a cool scarf in a bigger gauge. See, crochet *is* fun. Why knitters always gotta be hating on the crochet is beyond me. The polar moon Malabrigo is beautiful. I bet it feels wonderful.

ps: Yes, you should use metal needles when knitting with wire cuz it will damage your wood. It's a little awkward, but with practice, you know.