September 12, 2007

finally, a dream

I had a knitting-related dream last night. I think it was a quickie. In my dream the sweater I'm currently working on was finished, it ended up being a raglan sweater, very baseball style with blue sleeves and shoulders and a heather grey body. I was really excited that it was finished so I started examining it to make sure there were no mistakes. As I was looking I realized that everything was slightly off center, like my pieces twisted slightly clockwise as I was working up. I figured a little stretch, prodding, and blocking could fix it... but then I noticed that it had knitted up WAY too small for me. I remember thinking that I had Cast On 200 stitches for the body (which I actually did) and if that wasn't enough then I definitely would need more yarn than I had purchased. There were many fleeting thoughts on solutions and problems, the main one being finding the same dye lot and trying to remember the LYS I bought the original yarn from. It was a very disappointing feeling, that after all this time and hard work my sweater would only fit a toddler. I remember trying to stretch out the body and trying to fit myself into it... and, that was all.

In real life, I've joined the three pieces of my sweater together on one needle and I've been working around. I should be getting to the shoulders soon. I keep messing up on the decreases o_O. Being very anti-frog, I've decided to just sneak a few k2together's in my non-decrease rounds. Hopefully it will all work out.

I've been wanting to get my hands on some Hand Maiden Sea Silk. The concept of the yarn is very interesting and it looks like fun to knit with. I found a store about 45 minutes away that sells it, I may head down there tomorrow or Friday.

Here's a scarf I made a few weeks ago from that really plump Briar Rose yarn.

yarnaugust07 180

I love the colors, and how great a simple garter stitch looks... but, I think the suggested needle size was all wrong for this yarn. The resulting fabric is really stiff, everything great about the yarn is gone because of the tight stitches. As I was knitting I switched to one size larger, but, that still wasn't enough. And sadly, I don't plan on frogging it. I do hope I run into a Briar Rose booth again so I can get another hank of Buff Beauty and really make it work.

I'm also looking forward to the new Stitch & Bitch book: Son of a. I really want to see what patterns she has collected and what information and stories she has to share. I own Stitch & Bitch Nation, and, while none of the patterns really appeal to me, I love reading everything else.

Knit hard. =)


Charles said...

Great scarf Dickie~~~
I can wait to see your sweater soon!


That is a shame. The scarf is beautiful. I am in love with the colors.

The sweater dream sounds a bit scary to me. I dream about knitting all of the time. Mostly about patterns and designs.

sko_G knits said...

wow, good thing it was only a dream. i can imagine the panic you must have felt with the sweater...can't wait to see the real thing when it's done!