August 31, 2007

just a touch of love

I finally learned how to crochet a few weeks ago. Well... I technically learned a while ago, but it felt so wrong and so difficult. This time I was determined to feel the speed of crochet, so, I watched endless streams of videos on youtube and finally made my first granny square. Good stuff. The motion of hooking yarn and pulling it through is so comforting to me. Like I need to do this. Like I've been waiting all my life to pull yarn through loops with a hook. It's crazy. LUCKILY, I am not fond at all of the crocheted fabric, so, it looks like it'll be knitting for me (although I've been having these reoccurring thoughts of a crocheted throw blanket for my bed x_X).

yarnaugust07 202

I figure, if I just keep crocheting around.. it'll end up big enough to cover my bed?
In related news, crocheting takes up WAY too much yarn. I had to change the way I held the yarn because it needed to more freely flow through my fingers, any tension at all just messes it all up. o_O

Hmm, I finished my circular shrug. I'm still trying to find someone who can fit it so I can take a few pictures. ^_^ Hopefully I'll get one of my cousins to try it on come Sunday.

I CO for my sweater as well. My very first sweater. =) I had knit a gauge swatch and calculated how many I'd have to CO for like a month before I actually went ahead and started it. So far it's been moving pretty slowly... but quickly. In a matter of two days I had gone through my first skein of yarn (Cascade 220, btw) and my sweater only measured a bit over 6 inches. o_O So, my yarn is knitting up fast, but, I'm just not getting much length. The endless stockinette hasn't driven me insane yet, it's actually quite relaxing. I think my Harry Potter scarf could've easily been a sweater's amount of stockinette, and that only drove me crazy near the end where I rushed to finish. I'm just hoping to finish the sweater before it starts getting chilly.

yarnaugust07 090

The yarn is a little grey here... in real life it has a deeper blue color. So, it's a nice medium grey-blue. Good stuff.
Hmmm, my other WIP include the Branching Out Scarf which I rarely work on. I made a mistake the other day but luckily I had a life line so it's all fixed minus a pattern repeat and a half. The Noro scarf has seen even less knitting time, but, it'll probably end up as my travel WIP once the sweater starts getting heftier. And... that's about all. =)

Knit hard!


Charles said...

I was talking about you on my blog anout blanching out scarf!
come and look!

Crochet is not my thing also!
Knitting is much better for me!

schrodinger said...

Yup, the speed of crochet is alluring, but knitting will always be by one, true, craft, love.


I know nothing about crochet. I'll have to watch some of those videos. There are several patterns I love that require crocheted accents/edgings. Knitting is my call though, crocheting is awkward for me.

Sweaters rock my world, as does Cascade 220. Best. Yarn. Ever.

ashley said...

hey dickie

even though you say that crochet isnt for you i found a really fun pattern .. crochet isnt fun for me either cuz it kills my arthritis
:( .. but the pattern is soo easy and it doesnt bother me like granny squares do >.< its a baby blanket pattern but you can modify it to make it bigger
there you go the pic is bad but in person its awsome :)