February 27, 2007

a week of FOs

I've been finishing a lot of my knitting these past few days. Surprisingly.
After finishing the scrunchable scarf last week I picked up the odessa I had CO for a week or so ago. Hats go super fast and I finished it. Unfortunately, like my first odessa, it's STILL too small for me. =(

my perfect odessa!

I have a big head. x_X It has always been relatively large for my body. My cousin who used to babysit us when we were younger used to tell people who teased me that it was because I was very smart and had a big brain. =) I think, for the most part, I've grown into my head, but, when a hat says "one size fits all" it's usually wrong. For this green odessa I actually cast on an extra 10 stitches. Maybe, if I decide to knit it again, I'll add another 10... maybe even 20.

i love the greeeeen.

After finishing Odessa I began extra work on My So Called Scarf. I finished off the rest of the first skein and from there it was a breeze. I wasn't so sure about the colors when I first started knitting. Kevin said they looked like "old lady colors" but, I'm pretty fond of them. I'd definitely like to do it in a lighter colorway, but, I'm quite happy with how it turned out.
Binding off was a bit difficult. I tried a few different combinations because a simple k1, pass previous stitch over bind off made the edge flare out. I ended up doing a k2, pass previous stitch over and it really kept the scarf straight.


I think I want to block it. I'm not really sure exactly how to go about doing it though. It's a pretty long scarf and I've never really blocked anything before... but, we'll see.
The wool I used (Manos Del Uruguay) is surprisingly itchy. I've heard washing can soften everything, but, I'm not sure how to go about washing it either. My last washed object (scrunchable scarf) completely deflated and became flat--I would NOT want that to happen with this scarf.


My cousin IM'd me the other day telling me that she read my blog and really liked my knitting. So, I offered to knit her something and she chose a hat. Specifically, a hat with ear flaps and a pom pom on the top.
A month or so ago I was looking at my little nephew's winter hat. It was a hat with ear flaps and a pom pom. The ear flaps were ribbed and the ribbing continued around for about 2 inches into the main body of the hat. I really liked the look of it so, unable to find a pattern, I altered a basic hat pattern and added ribbing.
I decided it would be best to do a prototype first, so I grabbed a skein of Malabrigo: Autumn Forest and knitted up my hat.

my own pattern!

I feel like it needs a lot of changes. To start off, it's really thin. I think I'll have to double strand the one I make for her.
Second, despite all my calculations for the ribbing, it actually just disappears into the hat. I think I need to incorporate a color change.
I thought the earflaps looked small as I was knitting them, so, I kept adding more rows... after trying it on the earflaps were on my shoulders. x_X Those will definitely be altered.
I didn't make a pom-pom for this prototype, but, I'm assuming it should be relatively easy.
I also wanted to attach i-cord to the earflaps so they could be tied, but, I couldn't figure out how to do it. x_X We'll have to make another attempt soon.
The coolest thing about the hat though, is that I wrote out the pattern and knit it all in one night! Knitting stockinette in the round is awesome and superfast. =)

Knit hard!


Knitting Addict said...


You have the same addiction to Malabrigo that I do ::gg:: Just was gifted some today in the most lovely blue color -- but I sure wish I could find some of the lovely mixes you seem to come across! Does your LYS ship? If so, can you please list its URL for me?

Keep up the great work, and also, I would love to try your pattern for that hat, are you going to offer it for sale?

sko_G knits said...

wow, you sure do knit a lot of stuff in such a short time. maybe i am just a slacker. lol

just as a suggestion, it helps to measure the circumference of the head that you want to make a hat for, knit up a quick swatch in the yarn you want to use, then measure the gauge (stitches per inch), multiply the number of stitches by how many inches the intended head size is, and that's how many stitches you should cast on for your hat.

also, i use a no-rinse woolwash such as eucalan for my immersion blocking. i find it helps to release the agents they use in the process of making the yarn and helps soften up the finished piece a little.

hope this helps!!!

Nikki said...

so, how much yarn did it take for you to knit the Odessa? as i mentioned, that hat has been on my want-to-knit list forever. being the girly girl i am, i'm definitely going with the beaded version. inquiring minds want to know.

earthchick said...

Wow - awesome FOs! Really lovely.

I'm sorry about the fit on the Odessa - I hear ya on the big head thing. I have a big head, I come from a family of big-headed people, and I produce big-headed children (my 2 year old wears a hat made for 7-8 year olds). It's one of the cool things about knitting - I can make things big enough for me and my family, since most commercial stuff runs too small!

The Manos will soften some with washing, though it will never be as soft as the Malabrigo. Like sko_g knits, I use a no-rinse woolwash and just do a very gentle handwash in a sink full of warm water, then lay flat to dry (like on a sweater dryer or regular drying rack).

schrodinger said...

Yeah manos really isn't soft is it, I think that sko_g's suggestions of using eucalan. If just spritzing with water for blocking, I sometimes mix a little hair conditioner in the water.

Those are some great FO's, you take some beautiful pictures.

john said...

Malabrigo rules. It just does.