February 20, 2007

stitch markers?

i recently purchased a few sets of hand crafted stitch markers from artists on-line. i'd been using this set of thick plastic stitch markers from boye. they worked fine for large needles and thick yarn, but when i used them for smaller needles they left gaps between my stitches. =( but, now i have replacements that fit better and also look much more beautiful.

the first two sets are from charles. he was selling his stitch markers to help with AIDS/Life-Cycle so i bought them to support. ^_^

glass beads!

he shipped them really fast! and they look and feel really great.

i think the blues are my favorite!

i've been somewhat addicted to etsy.com lately. through flickr i see artists who dye their own wool put up pictures in the "crazy for knitting" group. i followed a few links to their own etsy shops and it's fascinating to see all the different handmade arts and crafts people put up there.
i recently found someone selling stitch markers made of freshwater pearls. i thought they were beautiful and i liked the idea that they were made of something "natural" as opposed to my set of plastic markers. the following are from zer0 markers.

pearls in shades of green

zer0 markers also shipped really fast. they even included two business cards each with a stitch marker attached. the markers weren't as large as i thought they would be, but i think i definitely got what i paid for. ^_^


i recently finished my malabrigo scrunchable scarf. i made it for a friend and so i decided to wash it in order to remove the malabrigo-vinegar-smell.
well... the smell disappeared but now the scarf isn't as soft and fluffy. i think i may have washed it wrong? or maybe i smooshed it too much when i dried it in a towel? i dunno... it's a little upsetting, but, at least the colors are still bold and it retained some of its softness.
since i finished a project i decided to continue with my 2nd odessa hat. my first one was a HUGE disaster. i didn't cast on enough stitches, i didn't knit the hat long enough, and i kept making mistakes. o_O, but, with my current hat everything seems to be going smoothly.

odessa! and a stitch marker to indicate the rounds

instead of the recommended cashsoft yarn i'm using rowan yarn: silk wool. it's the same weight but significantly less yardage. i'm almost done with the first ball and i havn't even started the decreases. x_X i'll probably buy another one tomorrow.

i think the inside of odessa looks as cool as the outside

that's all for now! happy knitting.


Charles said...


Do you know her(zen S.M) blog?
Just let you know:

see ya~~

The Knittymommy said...

Those stitch markers are really nice. I call them knitting jewelry. Its always nice to see those thing hanging on our work.

Regarding the Malabrigo scarf washing, what kind of soap did you use? Alot of people recommend the wool washes like Kookabura, etc. I'm pretty happy with a capful of baby shampoo.

Thanks for reading!

sko_G knits said...

thanks for all the beeyoootiful shots. what kind of camera are you using? as usual your projects look great!

dickie said...

knittymommy: i just washed it in the sink and used regular laundry detergent. i guess that's a problem? i'll definitly try baby shampoo next time.

sko_g: for most of the pictures on my blog i used a canon powershot pro1.

thanks! =)

earthchick said...

Gorgeous stitch markers! And that Odessa is going to be beautiful.

Etsy is soooooo addictive....


The stitchmarkers are lovely! Etsy is awfully addictive! I went there for yarn the other day and ended up with three things in my cart that weren't yarn.

You can also use dishsoap on your wool. Regular laundry detergent can sometimes hurt it.