February 7, 2007

moss rib stitch pattern for malabrigo!

People have been asking for the moss rib stitch pattern for the scarf I made in mmMalabrigo. The scarf was actually shown to me by the not-so-LYS salesperson after I had asked her for recommendations for a pattern in the very varigated charrua colorway. It was actually knit in a darker color of Malabrigo but it still looked very cool. A tag was attached to the scarf so she went to the back and made a copy of the pattern.

I don't really know who the pattern belongs to (although the tag has the name "Kathy" scribbled on the side), but, since it was shared with me for free I'll share it with you! =)

The original pattern called for 2 skeins, but, since I only purchased one I changed the CO number as follows:

moss rib stitch scarf in malabrigo worsted

#10 needles

CO 24 stitches

Row 1: sl1k, k2, *p1, k3* across row to last stich, p1
Row 2: sl1k, k1, *p1, k3* across row to last 2 stitches, p1, k1
Repeat rows 1 & 2 to desired length.

To Bind Off:
With right side facing (Row 1):
BO in pattern but in each "K3" section k2tog once to prevent ruffling of the edge.

So what I did was:
sl1k, k1, ppso (pass previous stitch over), k1, ppso, *p1, ppso, k2tog, ppso, k1, ppso* p1, ppso

If you decide to use 2 skeins the pattern says to CO 32 stitches.

Happy Knitting!


earthchick said...

I really love this colorway - the scarf looks just scrumptious. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Anonymous said...

do you slip the stitches kw or pw?

vknits said...

I love the moss ribbed scarf looks delicious!! What is the name of that blue yarn with the orange colors that you used for the scarf that the teddy bear modeled? It looks great.

dickie said...

i slipped the stitches knitwise.

the blue yarn with the orange is filatura di crosa: 127 print.

earthchick said...

Hey dickie - I hope it's okay for me to answer your question from my blog over here (I didn't know how to email you directly). The dishrags are not hard to do at all. It's a clever little pattern that ends up looking more complicated than it actually is. These were my favorite dishcloths I've made - I highly recommend the pattern!

Charles said...

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Charles said...


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Anonymous said...

I want to make the moss rib stitch scarf - can you tell me what method you used to cast-on. THX

Momo3Reds said...

I love, love this scarf and colorway! I just ordered the yarn to make this. I was curious to know how long the scarf ended up being using 1 skein and 24 stitches.


Abby said...

Hi! This looks like a really awesome pattern. I was wondering about "ppso" Is that the same as "psso"? (I'm a fairly new knitter, hence the terminology confuses me sometimes.) Thanks!

Abby said...

AHA. Sorry, I think I get it now. :) Feel free to ignore me!

Lauren said...

Hello - this is beautiful! I'm using a midweight (?) yarn and knitting w/size 9 needles. I'd like to CO 48 or 50 stitches. Can I just double the pattern - will it work? Thanks, from a new knitter.