November 21, 2006

tastes like... licorice

thanksgiving kinda ... sprung up on me pretty fast. but, it'll be here in two days. i splurged on yarn AGAIN. i've been keeping my eye out for good sales and now when i see a sale i feel like i HAVE TO make purchases. i need help. hahaha.
went to joann's last night and ended up buying this really cool looking "licorice" yarn.

it was on sale and very appealing to me. i wasn't too sure what exactly was gonna happen with the yarn but, now i think it'll turn into a scarf for joe. hahaha, it's kind of on the verge of excessively funky, so, ... eh, who knows. if he likes it then i'll give it to him. ^_^

my first time using seed/moss stitch... and, i really don't know what it looks like 'cause the yarn is so weird

the bears are so hot now in their 9-1 glory. hahaha. yay bears. kevin and i went to kevin's condo to "watch" the game. we arrived with like.. 5 minutes left. lol. so, we chilled and caught up on the office. sherry made these awesome carrot cake cupcakes. mmmm, and then i got to watch her crochet a little. crocheting looks SO cool, i gotta learn. she's gonna teach me and i'm gonna teach her to knit. fun.

i started knitting the cashsoft yarn. it feels so delicious in my fingers. hahaha, a very.. odd but blissful experience. while i was @ border's with kevin the other day i ran across this pattern for a broken rib knit. it looked cool so i tried it on the cashsoft. it actually cause the sides to roll in. =( so, i unraveled the few inches i had and attempted to adjust the pattern a bit to hopefully reduce curl-age... but, no luck. now the scarf is about 8 or so inches long and it STILL curves, but, i don't have the heart to unravel it and try something else. so, i'll stick with this and try to block it later.

merino wool - microfiber - cashmere blend. mmmm.

i ordered my first yarn from on-line the other week. it came in yesterday. very exciting. hahaha. i saw this pattern on-line for a scarf with kind of a sideways V design on it. the pattern called for this really expensive brand of yarn and... i wasn't about to spend $15+ on one ball. so, during my random surfing i came across and they were having a sale of a very similar yarn. and then i bought it. ^_^

i love how it changes from thick to thin!

at joann's yesterday i picked up a set of crochet hooks and these wool needles. the crochet hooks are for if i accidently drop a stitch and the needles are for 'sewing' in the ends of my scarves. so, i finally finished-finished the scarf i made for anne. basically spent like half an hour trying to comb out the tangled "eyelashes" and then a few minutes weaving in the ends. and i ALSO finished the blue scarf with the self-striping yarn.

modeled by my friend mochi

hung out with kevin on saturday and he strangely agreed to go to one of the yarn shops in his town with me. it's called knit whiz. hehehe. the people there were really friendly and they use this system to track your purchases.. so, if you need more of a certain type of yarn they know what it is and also what dye lot it's from. also, they track your needles so that they can let you know if you already own a certain size. ... definitly something i could've used. (i have three sets of 7's!)
while we were there kevin helped me pick out this sexy navy blue yarn. ouuuu... i wonder who it's for.. ^_^

100% merino wool

i am completely obsessed with knitting. i need some knitting/crocheting buddies!