November 10, 2006

bought more yarn today. i was feeling like my selection @ michael's was really limited. no really great quality stuff. so, i did a search last night for yarn stores in my area and found one (the gifted purl) just a few miles down the road. managed to free up some time to check it out. it's not a huge store but it's such a ... small, personal shop. right when i got in the owner came up to see if i needed help and asked me about knitting. told her that i was making scarves for friends and that i only recently learned to knit. so, she pointed me towards good scarf-yarn. ^_^ she was really open for questions so i asked her anything that crossed my mind and she had all the answers. awesome store.

i ended up buying two balls of this blue yarn with a few brown/orange sections. it supposedly creates really interesting stripes at random times during the knitting.
i also spotted this really interesting looking dark grey tweed. it has the tiniest flecks of white and red and orange and a little green and light blue in it ... i really should stop buying the grey colors.. but... for some reason they appeal to me the most. i think i'll use the tweed for idyl's scarf. ^_^

here's a picture of my current unused balls.

on the left is the blue with the orange-y sections. the middle is gold lattice. originally i was gonna pair it with the black chenille in the back.. but.. umm... after testing it out it kinda looked really gross... so, no idea what's gonna happen with that. right behind the lattice is the tweed and then the chenille on top of it.

i bought this fluffy white yarn and this light blue "eyelash" yarn and i've been knitting them together for anne's scarf. it's been going fast and i'm over a third done. so, next post i'll take pictures of my work in progress.

ouuu, the blue and the tweed.

as you can tell, knitting has all but consumed me. hopefully i find another obsession soon.