November 9, 2006

dickie knits!

i've rediscovered my lost love for knitting and so i'm starting a knitting blog. when i learned last year i actually never created anything functional. my first piece was this blue scarf... it was more of a test piece i suppose, a lot of trying out knits and purls and knit/purl combos. it ended up really ... ugly.
after the blue scarf i found this really fuzzy multi-toned dark yarn and knitted with it in a very well maintained stockinette stitch. i ran out of yarn during the project and couldn't find another ball of the same color and had to end it early. o_O so, i have this... umm, half scarf deal.
the next yarn i got was this simple thin grey color. i decided to go for ribbing and created this knit two - purl two pattern. i was doing really well and then maybe after about knitting a foot of scarf i made a huge mistake. at the time i didn't have surgical repair skills so, i quit.

i think i picked up knitting again maybe 2 and a half weeks ago. my skills have improved after watching on-line demonstrations. good stuff. so, i've decided to knit my close friends scarves this christmas. i'm obviously still stuck at a beginner's basic rectangle level, and, scarves are the only cool thing i can think of to knit that has four right angles.

since today was such a great day i decided to binge on yarn and new needles and to take pictures of my current work.

this is the scarf i finished last week. it's a k1p1 ribbing on size 15 needles. scarves are never long enough for me. not that i'm super tall or anything, but, i really like my scarves to hang low after i've wrapped them around my neck. so, i knitted this one extra long.

a close up of the ribbing.

the next pictures are of the scarf i'm working on for kevin cristi. i dragged him out to michael's so he could pick the yarn he wanted. he asked for a thinner scarf.

just a simple garter stitch on size 7 needles.

i call these needles "blue steel". hehehe.

the next scarf i just started today. for picture purposes. hahaha. i bought this orange yarn the same time i bought the dark grey one for my scarf. i was hoping of using them together in some sort of stripe pattern. but, that ended up being too complicated for my basic skills.

this is also a garter stitch. pumpkin colored on size 15 needles.

i love these needles. they're made of bamboo. ouuuuu.

that's all for now. i bought yarn today for lora's and anne's scarves... but, i'm gonna hold off on casting on until i finish kevin's. =)

anyone wanna knit with me?