January 10, 2007

gotta blog

here's some of my current knitting. hahaha.
due to the ... rush of christmas and the time-consuming nature of knitting... i was unable to take pictures of the 10+ scarves i had knitted. most of the scarves were completed within the same day of seeing the recipient. in the case of the cousin's secret santa... christie was downstairs while i was locked in my room finishing and then wrapping her 2nd scarf. hahaha.

i can knit cables!

i took pictures of all the yarn i've been purchasing... i'll be posting the pictures soon of my stash soon! i recently found the odessa hat pattern. i actually had a ball of the cashsoft dk so... i decided to give it a try. i actually messed up in the beginning. instead of CO 110 i only did 105. the base of the hat is ribbed in groups of 5 (k3, p2) so i didn't notice my mistake until the first row of pattern which works in groups of 10. x_X on my second row i decided to randomly make 5 stitches to fill the void. it definitly messed up the flow from the ribbed edge to the pattern... but, hopefully it will look alright in the end.

the starting of a hat


sko_G knits said...

i am about to embark on odessa too. although, i am changing up the yarn so the gauge will be tricky to figure out. since i am no good at math....=P

nice blog here, looks like you have done a ton of scarves this season too!

Charles said...

I saw your post at Sko's blog!!!!

Great blog!!!

visit by blog too!!!