January 14, 2007

my (current) stash

here are a few pictures of my recent purchases:


this is an alpaca - silk blend... i think it wants to be a scarf. it's so soft and i love the color. i have a feeling i should've bought more though... it's only about 200 yards.


i... umm... i don't really know what this is. and i'm having major issues with it. i bought it from the yarn.com year-end sale. it looked different in the pictures and it called for a size 9 needle. the actual yarn label asks for a size 4. hmmm. it's all various man-made materials so i'm not sure what i'll be knitting with it. maybe i'll combine it with a more natural yarn.


i love this stuff! ... i'm also imagining a scarf. =) and i'm also feeling like i, maybe, should've purchased more... hmm.


just some colorful ribbon... i honestly have no idea what to do with it. but, it was on sale so i bought it. o_O


varigated yarn! i'm thinking a scarf for this too. hahahahaha. not too sure on the pattern though.


my current stash on the ironing board.


earthchick said...

Hey dickie! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I just checked yours out - it's awesome! Love the knits, love the pics. Here's one idea for the ribbon yarn - an elongated stitch scarf (if you go to knittinghelp.com and do a search, you'll find pics plus the pattern). It's pretty simple but gives lovely results. You know, because it sounds like you're not knitting enough scarves right now. ;)

Charles said...

Hey Duckie~~
Thank You for comment my blog too!!!
You dont have no idea, how much i have my stash it..yek..If you looks at the all yarn company online...I cant stand to buy more yarn....
Your stash is great!!!

sko_G knits said...

omg, it looks like you are going hogwild with the yarn shopping!!! hahahaha, but hey, i get in those moods when i just buybuybuy yarn. you can never have too much...you just never know when a project will pop into your head and you will have just right the yarn for it!!