March 26, 2008

Yarny Prizes including Superwash Malabrigo Sock Yarn!

The prizes for Malabrigo March came in last week. Tobias and I had agreed on 20 skeins of their soon-to-be new Superwash Merino wool and 10 skeins of their fairly new Silky Merino. Aren't they generous? They seemed willing to donate more but 30 skeins is about all I can handle at the moment in terms of organizing and mailing. Plus, many of the Junkies were donating prizes as well. =)



20 skeins of Superwash yarn! Isn't that insane? I've never even knit a complete pair of socks yet... but, having Malabrigo sock yarn is definitely inspiring me to do it. Here are a few closeups as well:

IMG_8338 IMG_8347

The yarn is so new that the colors aren't even named yet!
Want some Silky Merino action too?


The 30 skeins were not all that I found in the bag however...

They included 4 skeins of their limited edition Organic Cotton! I love the natural colors they used for this yarn. I haven't done much cotton knitting, but, of course, since Malabrigo has cotton yarn I might as well start. ^_^


A few days after receiving my package I found another notice on my door left by DHL. The tag said that the package couldn't be delivered w/o my signature... and that it was from Uruguay. I figured they were confused but the notice came again the next day, so, I called and it turned out that there was another box waiting for me. I went to pick it up after work and it definitely was from Uruguay.
I could already sense Malabrigo as I opened the box. It was packed with more skeins of yarn! Another batch of sock yarn, 5 3-skein packs of unnamed worsted yarn (which I later found out was from a new dyeing technique), and 3 full packages of their Merino Worsted in 3 colors... Hongos, Purple-Lime, and one I don't remember.

The first thing I did when I got home was send a message to Tobias to see if it was a mistake... but, it wasn't. He said that Antonio actually 'smuggled' the extra skeins of yarn for me to do what I choose. I decided that I'll be saving these for future Malabrigo celebrations. =)

I'll take pictures of this new batch of yarn soon!
For now, enjoy a bit more yarn pr0n:

IMG_8319 IMG_8332 IMG_8349 IMG_8325

Yum. =)


Joan [] said...

There are no words to properly describe how amazing that malabrigo stash is!!

sko_G knits said...

O.M.G. i have having MAJOR malabrio yarn envy over here!!

Knit Picking said...

What a wonderful surprise to come home to! Well, I guess you'll be "knitting hard" for the next little while LOL. Enjoy!

Emma said...

Ack! Want...som...sock...yarn....

Nichole D. said...

Awesome! I'm so bummed I haven't had a moment to do anything for Mmmmm March. :( Maybe you could give me the prize for biggest procrastinator?

Charles said...

Hey Dickie~

I just let you know if you what to knit sock....I have a really great and easy sock kntting book just came out last year Dec.

Book is called "Getting Started Knitting SOCKS" by Ann Budd.

I been using this for teaching socks kntting class at my LYS. Everybody easy to understand and pic is step by steps.

Hope you learn knitting socks!


feithy said...

I *love* Malabrigo!!!


Courtney said...

I'm with Nicole D. I started my Malabrigo project in April but look at all that yarn.....share the Malabrigo love:)

The Happy College Knitter said...

That is malabrigo amazingness overload. Wow.