March 16, 2008


I changed out the light bulbs in my bedroom today.
A few months ago I was listening to this guy talk about going green and one of his ideas that really hit me was switching out the typical incandescent bulbs for florescent. Mainly the idea was that they save energy and many of them are made now to mimic actual daylight. So, the next day I bought bulbs, and, me being me didn't actually change them until months later... two days ago actually. The result is tRiPpY. It's almost a very cold, stark, padded room in a hospital feel.
During the day though, when the sun is at the right point I'll flip on my lights and it'll get brighter but I won't notice any change in color... it's almost like the bulbs add to the sun. But, yeah, at night, which is when I mainly use the lights, it's weiiiiird. I feel good about saving energy though, AND the bulbs are supposedly able to last 5 years. Definitely a good thing.


This is my Koolhaas. I cast on for Malabrigo March in Paris Night. The pattern is easy, and quite easy to memorize, but, I've had to purchase whole new sets of needles. My Clovers were just too blunt to work the tight cable stitches and to constantly knit into the back. Luckily Wool & Co had great 16" Addi Naturas available so I first bought a set of 4's... and then after realizing my Clover 6 wasn't sharp enough bought a set of 6's in Addi. Hopefully my DPNs will cut it once I start decreasing.

Sorry about the blurriness in the picture too. The sun was going down when I took this and I just couldn't get enough light to make my camera focus on the dark color of the yarn. So.. yeah, don't look too closely and don't blow it up. ^_^


Joan [] said...

I'm doing a Koolhaas for malabrigo march too! It looks great in the paris night.

Eikon said...

I always get the ones from ikea that are frosted to avoid the creepiness. I need to break down and but that hat pattern.

Nichole D. said...

We use one in our living room, and I never noticed any creepiness. Maybe, though, because it's in a torchier?

Can't wait to see the finished hat! I really need to get cracking on this whole Malabrigo March Madness.

April D said...

I took me awhile to get used to the compact bulbs. They dim when first turned on and get brighter the longer they are on.

Emma said...

It looks lovely so far. Mmmm, Malabrigo!

Knit Picking said...

I loooove that Paris Night! I gotta put a Koolhaas on my Christmas knitting list, they're so neat!

Charles said...

Hey Dickie~

Koolhass coming alomg really GREAT!

I wish I can finsh knitting a malabrigo project Iam working on!

I wish can't make it for the malabrigo group! SO SAD!

Anonymous said...

Very nice colourway! All this Malabrigo talk is inspiring me to knit what's in my stash. I swear it's whispering my name. Can you hear it? LOL!


Barb said...

Yay for saving energy! However, don't forget that those bulbs leach mercury into the ground when thrown into the regular trash. Try to find a way to recycle them. It's never easy is it?

I've followed your blog for a while now. Your knitting is gorgeous. You make it look so easy. I just wish I were as good and confident!

kenny said...

Very interesting!