July 25, 2007


I managed to finish my Harry Potter scarf in time for the movie. I spent Monday and Tuesday frantically knitting, trying to surpass my one-stripe-a-day record. Tuesday night I passed out, exhausted with one and a half stripes remaining. I finished these on Wednesday morning, spent two hours weaving in ends o_O and tossed it in the washer.
I blocked it for a few hours and once I felt it was holding its shape I threw it in the dryer for a quick spin. I then began the surprisingly painful task of tassels. I pulled the last one through minutes before I had to leave for the movie, but, my scarf was done. It's seriously one of the best things I've knitted.

On a sad note, I ended up not wearing my scarf. The hardcore fans went at Tuesday, midnight... and none of the people in my packed theater were dressed in any HP garb. I felt a bit embarrassed. PLUS, my scarf is the older movie scarf... hahahaha. Oh well, I'll definitely be modeling it when it gets colder.

On the subject of FO's... I knit a Noro scarf a month or two ago. I saw brooklyntweed knit one and, as usual, I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

yarn 033

The striping and color changing is seriously magic. It was awesome knitting it, but, since I bought the Noro on-line I didn't get a good feel for the colors and I'm not too fond of the different combinations. I definitely plan to try this one again.

yarn 042

yarn 039

Ahh, Noro. This was actually my first experience, and, what a great experience. Well, ... it was surprising how many little twigs and things I found caught in the yarn... and Noro is definitely NOT the softest yarn, but, the colors are phenomenal.

Recently, after being doubly inspired by knitensity (http://knitensity.blogspot.com/) I finished the Anthropologie Inspired wrap/shrug deal... my first ever garment. It was REALLY fast, took about 3 days. AND, yesterday I cast on for Coachella.
Being that I'm not a girl, I'm having difficulties deciding on sizes, but, I have a few friends in mind. =) Pictures to arrive soon. Soon I will conquer the vest and ultimately a sweater.


sko_G knits said...

that scarf is great. noro is great. even if you are not fond of the colors, remember the holidays are only 5 months away...i am sure that it would make a great gift for somoene!!

i noticed a lot of nice knitted wares in the new HP movie...i hope they come out with a pattern book just for this episode!

Charles said...

NORO is great yarn to play with color! Always comes out knitted strip and awesome color!

i was thinking making "Lorelei" Tank Top for my mom..Will see compare yours and mine!
Iam making with Noro "Cash Iroha" cashmere yarn...

What yarn are you using?
Can't wait!
(Did you see mine knitting Video Cast yet?)