April 7, 2007

my sock (again)

I was looking at my previous post and I realized that it was supposed to be about Calorimetry AND my first sock. Oops. =)


I've had this half desire to learn to knit socks. I wanted a pair, but, I really wasn't ready to work with such thin yarn. The smallest needle size I've used so far is a 6... well, technically a 4, but it was just an inch of ribbing on Odessa. But, on a recent trip to my LYS I ended up buying sock yarn because they didn't have what I was looking for (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino for a Fetching).
I decided to use Silver's Sock Class because I have heard endless praise. And, it was SO easy.

without a partner

Sadly, I'm already suffering from SSS (second sock syndrome). It's been over two weeks since I knitted the first, and, I just have not had the desire to cast on for its brother. Hopefully once I finish Clapotis my second sock will come around.

Right before starting Clapotis I cast on for a second moss rib stitch scarf. It's looking okay so far. I havn't worked on it in a while, and, the color is pooling a little ... weird, but, it's Malabrigo and I love it.


That's about all I have for now. I took pictures of my Clapotis the other day as well as another FO and I hope to upload them to my computer soon. I also hope Clapotis finishes soon. o_O
I decided to spend a straight 3 hours at a local coffee place and just knit. When I knit at home I usually do it in front of the computer or with a DVD playing, and, that definitely makes me slower, so, I decided I'd get some repeats for the straight row section finished. Maybe even just finish the whole 3rd section. After those 3 hours I only managed to complete 1 and a half repeats. x_X It's insane. I actually timed myself and found that it takes me a little less than 8 minutes to finish a whole row. There are technically only 107 stitches in a row... so, that's about 13 stitches/minute? wow, I'm slow. Well, there's definitely a lot of fussing... sometimes the stitches don't slide up the needle, and then my markers get tangled.. Hmm, I need to speed things up.

Knit hard!



I was wondering where the sock part of the last post was! It looks good, knitting with smaller yarn and needles isn't as hard as it seems at first. The scarf looks gorgeous. Man, I need some Malabrigo!

john said...

No, my boy! Pooling is a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome sock, btw.

earthchick said...

Oooh, your first sock is fab! As is your MmmmmMalabrigo scarf. I love, love, love your photos!