March 28, 2007

dashing number 2

I really enjoyed my first pair of Dashing so I decided to make another pair. This time I used Lion Brand Cashmere Blend. It turned out much softer and cleaner-looking.


Pretty? I love the color. Sadly, it doesn't work very well with my skin tone. =( Here are a few more pictures of Dashing.

my friend lora modeling dashing at work


I have a few more finished objects to show you and one or two WIPs. I'll save those for another day. =)

Knit hard!


john said...

I love those on your friend. They look very comfy.

Nikki said...

Those look great. I really need to make some fingerless gloves,too. I'm going for the Cafe du Monde ones.

The park scene looks so nice. I wish I was someplace pretty and warm.

dickie said...

@nikki: the park scene was just schaumburg last week! there was a day of like.. low 70's. probably the warmest day of march. i hear we're dropping back down to 30's over the next few days. o_O

earthchick said...